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Sailing ship rental Amsterdam - 12 sailing ships

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Know a sailing ship owner in Amsterdam?
Invite him / her and earn €200.
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Average rating of Amsterdam: 5 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

We offer 12 sailing ships in Amsterdam, with a total of 217 sleeps with prices ranging from NaN to NaN per night.

The Maritime Tapestry: Sailing Ships in Amsterdam

History of Sailing Ships

Amsterdam’s legacy as a seafaring city is closely intertwined with the story of its sailing ships. The city’s maritime journey began in the 12th century, reaching its zenith during the 17th century’s Dutch Golden Age. Iconic vessels such as the fluyt and the East Indiaman became symbols of Dutch ingenuity, establishing Amsterdam as a global hub of trade and exploration. From the shipyards of the city emerged fleets that would venture into uncharted waters, paving the way for a period of unprecedented prosperity and cultural enrichment.


Modern Day Use of Sailing Ships

While the era of sailing ships dominating global trade routes has passed, Amsterdam's cultural and historical landscape still carries their imprint. Many historic vessels have been preserved and refurbished, now serving in capacities such as education, tourism, and competitive sailing. The city's canals are often graced by these elegant reminders of a bygone era, providing both residents and visitors with a tangible link to the city's rich maritime heritage.


Chartering a Sailing Ship for Your Holiday

Renting a historic sailing ship in Amsterdam offers a unique opportunity to experience the city from a distinctive vantage point. From family-friendly vacations to romantic getaways, there is a variety of charter options available to cater to your preferences. These range from short canal tours to multi-day sailing trips, often complete with a seasoned crew to ensure your journey is comfortable and informative.


Must-Visit Locations and Activities

A sailing holiday in Amsterdam opens a world of possibilities. A canal tour around the city offers panoramic views of Amsterdam's iconic architecture and historic sites. Sailing on the IJ River provides an opportunity to witness the dynamic interplay between the city's historic past and modern architectural developments. Sailing further afield, you can explore the Markermeer and the IJsselmeer, two expansive inland seas brimming with idyllic harbor towns and rich birdlife. A stop at historic towns like Volendam and Marken offers a glimpse into traditional Dutch life. For a unique cultural experience, participating in events such as SAIL Amsterdam, a quinquennial maritime event, offers the chance to witness hundreds of sailing vessels from around the world.