Cookie policy


We use a few cookies for different analytical and functional purposes. Because we only use cookies for these reasons and don't place any tracking cookies we do not have to ask for your consent. However, you are of course free to disable the acceptance of these cookies in your browser settings.

Be assured, we don't track you and won't sell your (user) data. An overview of the cookies we use, and our 3th party cookies:

  • We use cookies to identify a user session, to log you in for example.
  • We store search requests linked to a non-personified ID. This request is stored in a cookie to avoid duplicate entries.
  • We use to protect and optimize the website, they place functional cookies for our load balancing for example. You can read more about the cookies Cloudflare places here.
  • We use these Google services which use cookies: Analytics, TagManager and Ads. They are analytical cookies so we can analyze how this website is used and how effective our Ads campaigns are.