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Boat Hotel Six Rotterdam
Rental from $534 Per night

Boat Hotel Six Rotterdam

the Netherlands, Rotterdam 10 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Avontuurlijke klipper Boekanier
Rental from $1580 Per night

Avontuurlijke klipper Boekanier

the Netherlands, Makkum 26 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Authentieke zeilklipper Antonius
Rental from $896 Per night
Pouwel Jonas
Rental from $2171 Per night

Pouwel Jonas

the Netherlands, Kampen 32 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Ruim en comfortabel schip De Hester
Rental from $1949 Per night
Rental from $1786 Per night


the Netherlands, Stavoren 34 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Stijlvolle tweemastklipper Avanti
Rental from $1528 Per night

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Castle Roux - IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea Sailing Charters

We started our sailing journey in Monnickendam and went to the Ijsselmeer. Here we had a unforgetable sailing experience.

Hermann, Austria

Luxury sailing ship 'Golden Promise' - Sleeps 20

What an amazing day me and my colleagues had on this clipper. Everything you could wish for and more. We enjoyed the sailing very much, truly made us stronger as a group.

Henry, England

Driemaster de Amazone

We had a terrific stay on the Amazone. The ship is amazing, only to be surpassed by her location.. WoW! 🤩 Many Rotterdam hotspots are in walking distance and staying here is a guarantee for a great stay in this magnificent city! Thanks Erica!!

Jakobien, Germany

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Navigating the Waters of Time: Sailing Ships of Indonesia

Navigating the Waters of Time: Sailing Ships of Indonesia

Navigating the Waters of Time: Sailing Ships of Indonesia I. Origin of Indonesian Sailing Ships The maritime history of Indonesia is vast and complex, dating back thousands of years. This archipelago, consisting of over 17,000 islands, has always been deeply connected to the sea. The Austronesian peoples, who are believed to have originated in Taiwan, arrived in Indonesia around 2000 BC, bringing with them advanced seafaring technology and setting the stage for the development of the region's sailing vessels. Among the most iconic of Indonesian ships is the 'pinisi', a traditional two-masted sailing ship. These vessels were first constructed by the Bugis and Makassar people of South Sulawesi, who were renowned for their seafaring abilities.   II. Historic Use of Indonesian Sailing Ships Historically, Indonesian sailing vessels were used for a variety of purposes, ranging from fishing and trade to warfare and exploration. As the country has always been a significant trading hub, ships l

Sailing Ships in the Netherlands: A Voyage through Time

Sailing Ships in the Netherlands: A Voyage through Time

Sailing Ships in the Netherlands: A Voyage through Time I. The Origin of Dutch Sailing Ships The Netherlands has an extraordinarily rich maritime history, with sailing ships at the very heart of its cultural and economic DNA. The origin of Dutch sailing vessels dates back to prehistoric times, with primitive canoes and rafts making up the early seafaring repertoire. However, it wasn't until the Middle Ages that the Dutch truly began to refine their shipbuilding capabilities. Between the 12th and 13th centuries, the Dutch started building a type of ship known as the 'cog', characterized by its sturdy design and cargo-centric focus. It was an evolution of the old Norse 'knarr', using a clinker-built method, where the ship's planks overlap each other, providing a more robust structure. The cog would soon pave the way for an era of naval exploration and trade that would help the Dutch rise to prominence.   II. Historic Use of Dutch Sailing Ships During the Golden Age of the Netherlands, ro

Sailing into History: The Legacy of Sailing Ships in Amsterdam

Sailing into History: The Legacy of Sailing Ships in Amsterdam

Sailing into History: The Legacy of Sailing Ships in Amsterdam I. Historic Use of Sailing Ships in Amsterdam Amsterdam's story is closely intertwined with the sea. Established as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, the city rose to prominence in the 17th century, a period commonly known as the Dutch Golden Age. The city's booming economy was buoyed by its strong maritime industry and the extensive use of sailing ships for trade, exploration, and military purposes. Dutch East India Company (VOC) vessels, West Indiamen, and fluyts sailed from Amsterdam to all corners of the world, carrying goods ranging from spices and silk to grain and timber. These vessels turned Amsterdam into the world's foremost trading hub during the Golden Age, bringing untold wealth into the city.   II. Maintenance of Sailing Ships in Amsterdam Amsterdam's geography, crisscrossed by a network of canals, provided an ideal environment for the construction, maintenance, and repair of sailing vessels. T