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the Netherlands

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Avontuurlijke klipper Boekanier
Rental from $1463 Per night

Avontuurlijke klipper Boekanier

the Netherlands, Makkum 26 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Rental from $1307 Per night


the Netherlands, Enkhuizen 24 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Raspberry catboat
Rental from $167 Per night

Raspberry catboat

Switzerland, Brissago 2 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Rental from $1653 Per night


the Netherlands, Stavoren 34 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Rental from $1190 Per night


the Netherlands, Enkhuizen 28 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Stijlvolle tweemastklipper Avanti
Rental from $1414 Per night
Rental from $1717 Per night


the Netherlands, Enkhuizen 34 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Pouwel Jonas
Rental from $2010 Per night

Pouwel Jonas

the Netherlands, Kampen 32 Sleeps, (New sailing ship)

Recent reviews

Groepsaccomodatie Rotterdam Centrum

Nice experience to sleep on a boat: * Good location * Many standard things that are often missing were there (toilet paper, wipes, washing-up liquid, etc) * There is a lot to do on the boat * It's reasonably soundproof, so you don't have to worry too much to bother other people

Jet, the Netherlands

Authentic Sailing Charter Close to Amsterdam

Warm and original place, very suitable for a group of 16 people. The team is super friendly and attentive. Breakfast is a plus, and by the way very good. The crew is very flexible and attentive.

Geoff, France

The Rival - IJsselmeer Sailing Charter

We truly had a great and inspring time aboard this Dutch Sailing Cruise charter, offering all the help and service we could possibly ask for. The ship is very stable, which is pleasant for guests who tend to get seasick. In our crew nobody got seasick luckily ;-) Thanks for a great time!

Chris, Germany

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We believe that where you stay and what you do should be a part of your holiday experience. We are proud to share a awesome selection of sailing ships and tall ships from around the world with you. Each and every one of these ships is unique and will surely contribute to an unforgettable journey.

The options are endless. Ever thought of sailing the Netherlands, England or Italy? Each of these countries offer a wide variety of amazing sailing ships. Experiencing your holiday from a sailing ship is nothing like anything you've ever done before. Pick your sailing destination, book a sailing ship and be welcome aboard!

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We are specialized in sailing and tall ships and we offer a great selection of amazing sailing ships rentals around the world. Lots of them are exclusively available with us. At Bookasailingship.com you're sure to find a great variety of hand picked sailing ship rentals. From wonderfully renovated traditional ships to the most exclusive tall ships. Paying for your holiday is simple and safe, and customer care is of paramount importance to us.

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Choosing the right ship can be quite a challenge. Therefore we offer our Sailor Taylor Service: tell us your needs and we will send you a handpicked selection. Just send a message and share your requirements: what dates, how many guests and the type of holiday you want to have (romantic, wet, adventurous, you name it!). We look forward to find you the best ship possible for your next trip!

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* Really great support before, during and after your stay.
* We know sailing ships and love to share our experience with you.
* We pay the owner 1 day after departure, so your payment is 100% safe.
* Pay in 2 terms, most properties offer a 50-50% payment scheme.
* Booking is easy, safe and simple - a great way to start your sailing holiday
* Custom advise with our Sailor Taylor Service

Thanks for your trust in us. And wherever you go: we wish you an unforgettable journey!

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Co-Founder Bookasailingship.com

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